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Online Chess Computer

Even if you have no login, you can play games against our new Stockfish chess computer. For chessmail members also the engines Daffy, Bugs and Gonzales are available.

Live Chess and Correspondence Chess

In the chessmail live chess area, you can create fast games with chess clock and direct connection to your opponent. If you prefer a relaxed game, in which you think a little longer about a move, then you can start a game of correspondence chess.

Chess Tournaments

A online chess tournament gives you the opportunity to get to know other members and their abilities. In addition to tournaments organised by the chessmail clubs, there are also regular competitions open to all members.

The Place to Find Chess Friends

chessmail allows you to play chess online for free. More than 6,000 active chess players are already using the online platform to play the Game of Kings over the Internet, individually and as members of the chessmail chess clubs. Players can hone their skills by playing against the online chess computer or, as many prefer, to pit their wits against another person over the virtual chess board.

The key to making the games fun and staying motivated is to find the right opponent. If your opponent is too good or too weak, it can be difficult for either of you to enjoy the game properly. This is why chessmail offers a rating system that allows players to find others with a similar level of experience. This means that chessmail can always find the right opponent for you, whether you are joining as a beginner or a grand master.