Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Playing Chess

What are conditional moves?

The analysis can be saved as conditional moves when it is the opponent's turn. These saved conditional moves are executed automatically when the opponent moves according to the planning.

Saved conditional moves are not visible to others, including the opponent, until they are executed.

How do I enter a castling move?

Castling is entered as the king's move, for example Kg1 or Kc1 for white.

How do I resign or propose a draw?

The selector to the right of the move button allows you to choose between "Offer draw" or "Resign".

What is the purpose of the pgn files that can be downloaded after a match?

pgn is a standard file format for chess notation. It can be read by most chess programs and chess databases. The content appears in the form of normal chess notation, so it can also be read by people.

What do I do with my current games when I go on vacation or temporarily have no time for chess moves?

In your settings you can register game breaks. See also: Setting holidays

Is the notepad next to the playing field visible to others?

No, the notepad is for saving your personal notes on a game and is not visible to other members.

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