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Frau spielt Schach

This is a platform for playing a new, fast kind of long-distance chess. Instead of by mail, moves are sent to your opponents via the Internet.

You can make your moves conveniently on the interactive chessmail board. chessmail automatically recognises the opening you have made and offers you Wikipedia links with further information on potential strategies.

In the chessmail forums you can discuss chess and other topics with your chess buddies, solve chess exercises or make suggestions for improvements to chessmail.

The chessmail rating system gives you a fast way to find opponents who are at your level. After you have played a few games, the server calculates your personal rating so that you can find the right chess partner quickly and easily.

Try to rise in the rankings. You can demonstrate your ability in one of the regular online chess tournaments. chessmail even allows you to set up your own tournaments.

Play chess online for free

chessmail is made by chess lovers, for chess lovers. The basic functions, such as playing chess, sending messages and watching matches between other members are free of charge.

For active members and spectators, chessmail is a little like an online chess club. However, you don’t need to pay a membership fee or turn up regularly to play.

The many chessmail players both young and old, amateur and professional, students and teachers, happy-go-lucky types, serious philosophers, careful tactician and determined fighters all meet here simply because of their enjoyment of and passion for the game. Many of them have already set up clubs and started off with like-minded players.

Already, more than 6.000 people use this platform for their chess matches. Join in and sign up now to play chess.

Chess trains mental performance

Chess is not a game of luck. Victory and defeat are decided not by the throw of a die, but by intelligence, situational awareness, strategic thinking, imagination, empathy and patience. Parents who encourage their children to play chess are making an important contribution to their mental development and performance.

Many schools host chess clubs whose members can use chessmail to improve their game online. Private, school and student chess clubs can organise their own online tournaments with other groups and play chess with opponents on the other side of the world, without ever leaving their hometowns.

In this way, chessmail supports and promotes intelligent play without borders, and offers all chess lovers a communicative, lively forum with the rich potential of a growing network of players.

Further information about chessmail

Here you find further information about playing chess on chessmail.

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