I am unable to move...

ketchuplover - 16.04.17    

in my game. I am using Google Chrome browser. Windows 10 OS....I just switched to Edge browser without english translation and was able to move. hmmmm

ketchuplover - 16.04.17    

In my previous post I did NOT write "I can not wait to see what is going on" I wrote I switched to Edge browser and was able to move. Are these forums fubar?

ketchuplover - 18.04.17    

If I translate this site to english I can't make my moves. strange indeed.

shaack - 22.04.17    

There is an english version of this site under
Maybe this could work.
Regards shaack

ketchuplover - 23.04.17    

I am there now. It's working! Thank you very much.
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