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ketchuplover - 06.01.19   ——

During my most recent session I had to keep enabling it after every move. If this is not normal please repair it asap. Thank you

toby84 - 09.01.19    

Maybe a little more information would be useful like:

- which browser do you use?
- what did you change before your recent session?
- did you try turning it off and on again? :)

ketchuplover - 09.01.19    

I used Chrome Browser. No changes before that session. I did not turn it off and on again-it turned off by itself

toby84 - 09.01.19    

I mean did you try to turn Chrome off and on again? You never know if it helps before you try it. To make sure it really is restarted it might be a good idea to restart the computer. Then you can see if the problem still occurrs.

I just opened chessmail on chrome and will wait for my opponent to move. If he does move soon, we will see if your problem is a global one or only occurrs on your device.

toby84 - 09.01.19    

My auto reload stayed active after he made his move. So i guess it's an issue only you have. Again i recommend you to restart your device.

degroeta - 26.01.19    

Hey ketchuplover,

I recommend the mozilla browser likewise.

If the problem still occurs, try to install all recent updates for your browser. It might help to update your OS as well.

An other possibility is to check whether your mobile is able to operate proper. You may use it for a while.

To unplug your current device might be not the miracle you are searching for, but it is worth a try.

Good luck.
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