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Jack_Mate - 11. Dez '21
Will you take part in the club league next season 2022?
If so, do you need another player?
BazSouthern - 11. Dez '21
Welcome to the club, happy to have you.
I know nothing about the club league.
If you can arrange it I'll make you a club administrator to enter us
BazSouthern - 11. Dez '21
I think you need to be a club member for 30 days before I can make you an administrator
Jack_Mate - 11. Dez '21
Hello here you can read all obout the Club League.
We need 5 player for one team. If you want to play with 2 teams, we need 10 player.
viva_la_zappa - 11. Dez '21
Servus Jungs....versteh ich das richtig...2 teams mit 10 Spielern, warum dann nicht 3 teams mit 15 Spielern....???....ahhhhh....hat ja vielleicht keiner lust und Zeit um den anderen zu zeigen, wo die Schachwelt geboren ist, wo die Hölle ist für jeden Gegner....-)))...aber zwei teams finde ich ok....wenn das geht....
@ baz....muss lachen...dann sind wir bald alle admins....-))))
dann schicken wir unsere 10 besten Pferde ins Rennen und der Rest drückt sich die Daumen platt....:-))))
Uli, der, der mal gespannt ist.....was daraus wird....:-))))

Servus I understand correctly...2 teams with 10 players, why not 3 teams with 15 players....???....ahhhhh....maybe no one wants and has time to show the others where the chess world is born, where hell is for every opponent....-)))...but two teams I find ok....if that works....
@ baz....must laugh...then soon we are all admins....-))))
then we send our 10 best horses into the race and the rest cross their fingers flat....:-))))
Uli, the one who is curious.....what will come of it....:-))))

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BazSouthern - 11. Dez '21
Should I make us all admins Uli?! 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
BazSouthern - 11. Dez '21
That would be a real democracy, or anarchy, i'm not sure 🤪
SaorAlba - 11. Dez '21
If we are signing for the club league pls count me in. Pls be aware that there is a deadline and we have to de cide pretty soon whether we want to take part or not.
Mattratzito - 11. Dez '21
Every member is the King , and the King is gone but he' s not forgotten

👮 Ahoi
Jack_Mate - 11. Dez '21
Count me in pls
Jack_Mate - 11. Dez '21
Here in the forum you can find how and where we can register.

We have until December 19th to form one or two teams. The teams must be register by December 20th at the latest.
viva_la_zappa - 12. Dez '21
Servus Jungs...eine Frage...pls heisst please...oder ???? Stand der DInge heute So. 1.00..
Kafutius, Jack, Saor haben sich angemeldet...ich natürlich auch, aber ich zähl nicht unter die besten 10 oder 5...bin aberr Ersatzmann....von baz nehme iches auch an, als Ersatzmann und somit wären wir schon eine Mannschaft, aber da kommen bestimmt noch mehr....hoffe ich doch....also wird auf jeden Fall eine Mannschaft angemeldet....
@ will be a real anarchy (sex pistols)
Uli, der, der uns so am 15., 16,. melden würde...vielleicht auch Fr., aber da dann spätestens.....

Hi guys...a question...pls means please...or ???? State of affairs today Sun. 1.00..
Kafuzius, Jack, Saor have too, of course, but I don't count among the best 10 or 5...but I'm a substitute....from baz I also accept it, as a substitute and so we would already be a team, but there will certainly be more....I hope a team will be registered in any case....
@ will be a real anarchy (sex pistols)
Uli, the one who would register us on the 15th, 16th...maybe also on Fr., but then at the latest.....

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BazSouthern - 12. Dez '21
I'll be in the league whomever is arranging it
Jack_Mate - 19. Dez '21
In memory of. We have to register our teams by midnight tomorrow. Did you do that?
BazSouthern - 19. Dez '21
Are we registered!
Jack_Mate - 01. Jan '22
Hallo Schachfreunde, die Liga ist gestartet. Auf unserer Wiki Seite habe ich 2 Links eingbaut, bei denen man die Paarungen sehen kann. Klickt auf den Link bei eurem Team und ihr gelangt zu eurer Club Liga. Viel Erfolg für alle.

Hello chess friends, the league has started. On our wiki page I have included 2 links where you can see the pairings. Click on the link for your team and you will get to your club league. Good luck to everyone.
mazerunner - 01. Jan '22
Well done Gunter ! Thank you for your arrangement !

Gut gemacht Gunter ! Vielen Dank für Dein Arrangement !

viva_la_zappa - 01. Jan '22
Servus Gunter....klasse gemacht und so schnell...Danke....Danke....
Uli, der, der sich erstmal von Silvester erholen muss...:-)))))
BazSouthern - 03. Jan '22
I don't understand this.
So do I send all my opponents a game invitation or just the first! And is it one invitation for white and one for black.
Why hasn't he invited me?
SaorAlba - 03. Jan '22
Please see me pm, Baz.
Jack_Mate - 04. Jan '22
here in the wiki is how it works
please read this
BazSouthern - 05. Jan '22
Thanks, I already challenge him to seven days unrated, so I should send new challenges of seven days rated
Thanks 🤟
viva_la_zappa - 07. Jan '22
Servus Jungs....unsere erste Niederlage in der Club Liga....sieht mal wieder nach einer Aufholjagd aus....-)))))....schaffen wir....:-))))
Uli, der, der guter Dinge ist....:-))))

Hi guys....our first defeat in the Club League....looks like we're playing catch-up again....-)))))....we'll make it....:-))))
Uli, the one who is in good spirits....:-))))
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